Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and let's get to know you(rself) a bit better!

  • 2

    Before we start: A short introduction to system change

  • 3

    Does the same problem exist locally?

    • Introduction module - Adapting the project you replicate to your market

    • Refining the problem & the target group

    • Interviewing your target audience: the do's and don'ts

    • Some further inputs to analyse your users

    • Template to work on your users

  • 4

    Analysing the ecosystem players and landscape

    • Mapping your ecosystem and take into account what already exists

    • Template - Ecosystem analysis

  • 5

    Adapting the business model locally

    • Discovering hybrid & innovative business models

    • Pricing your solution & sizing your market

    • Adapt the business model of the replicated solution

    • Complete this template of the Lean Social Business Model Canva

  • 6

    Your adapted Business Plan

    • Get familiarized with financial management - the basics

    • Do a first draft of your adapted business plan

    • Business Plan Template

How does it work? Which topics are addressed?

At your own pace : 8 hours of online courses + 5 coaching/mentoring sessions.

  • BUSINESS TOPICS: to help you advance on your market assessment and the adaption of Original Unverpackt in your region

  • PERSONAL TOPICS: How do you like this new entrepreneurial life? How to find a balance with your personal life? How to make the best use of your talents?

The benefits

  • Market validation

    Run a proper market assessment with our support

  • Skills

    Gain entrepreneurial and collaborative skills

  • Personal growth

    Shape an entrepreneurial life that fits your talents and makes you thrive!

What they say about the Replication Accelerator

It's totally worth every euro it costs


I highly recommend the Replication Accelerator, it largely exceeded my expectations. The time and effort that Laure and Yoon Joo put into the program is really worth it. I think this program works perfectly for any entrepreneur (experienced or not!) who wants to launch an impact start-up in a smarter way by avoiding mistakes. The program helps you test your market, hold quality customer surveys, properly structure the steps to take when starting your replication journey. Its totally worth every euro it costs!

A unique experience : structuring & empowering!


The Replication Accelerator has been a unique experience. It has been very valuable to have Laure and Yoon-Joo accompany me when I embarked on this journey. Their profound knowledge has helped me identify and structure my next steps and not to get too overwhelmed by a mountain of to do's. I feel empowered and encouraged!