The Discovery Programme is made for you if you want to:

  • Move your career into a purposeful and meaningful direction

  • Clarify whether you'd like to replicate an existing successful social enterprise

  • Dig into your aspirations, talents, fears and blockages

  • Discover ideas of social enterprises you could replicate and launch in your city 

Course curriculum

New chapters will be uploaded every week

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Discovery Programme!

    • Details about the individual coaching sessions

    • We've been in your shoes before!

    • Important practical information

    • IMPACT ASSESSMENT - Please do it BEFORE you start the programme!

  • 2


    • Replication and all other career paths

    • QUIZ - Which career path is made for you?

    • How to know if a project to replicate is fitting you?

    • Social businesses worth replicating - discover our portfolio!

  • 3


    • Be part of a systemic change - Part 1

    • How to start a movement?

    • Be part of a systemic change - Part 2

    • Discovering the daily life of a spreader

    • Testimonial of Stefanie, spreader of Duo for a Job (centralized model)

    • Testimonial of Seraina, spreader of Singa (franchising model)

    • Testimonial of Marie, spreader of The Chime (affiliation model)

    • Testimonial of Daan, spreader of Afforestt (open source model)

  • 4


    • Meet Matthieu, the cofounder of Duo for a Job

    • Duo for a Job - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Nicole, the founder of Alex's Adventure

    • Alex's Adventure - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Rhianon from Skateistan & the GoodPush alliance

    • Skateistan - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Rana, founder of We Love Reading

    • We Love Reading - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Valerian, the cofounder of barePack

    • barePack - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Joelle, the cofounder of Tourleb

    • Tourleb - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Iva, cofounder of Jamba

    • Jamba - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Mariana, cofounder of SPEAK

    • Speak - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Jean, founder of Konexio

    • Konexio - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Louis-Xavier, founder of The Chime

    • The Chime - Summarizing canvas

    • Meet Milena, cofounder of Original Unverpackt

    • Original Unverpackt - Summarizing canvas

    • Approaching the initiators of a project that is not yet in our portfolio (optional)

  • 5


    • Creating your vision board

    • Creating your tree of life

  • 6


    • Exploring your talents!


  • 7


    • Assessing your constraints

    • Dealing with your blockages & fears


  • 8


    • Time for some self-reflection :)

    • What's next?

    • Complete the impact assessment form

    • Preparing your application to a replication offer

How does it work?

100% online - at your own pace

  • +8 hours of videos

    Watch ~8 hours of videos to learn all about social entrepreneurship, the world of replication, watch how others did it, and prepare your individual coaching sessions.

  • 3 individual coaching sessions

    Have 3 individual coaching sessions with Laure (co-founder Snowball Effect and certified coach by the International Coaching Federation) to unveil your talents, fears and dig into your aspirations.

  • Detailed presentations of the solutions you can replicate

    Discover our selection of social enterprises ready to be replicated. Learn about their impact, business models, partnership proposal, etc. To learn from them and avoid reinventing the wheel!

  • 1 community of like-minded people

    Join the community of alumni and connect every semester with other like-minded participants from all over the world, exchange learnings, experiences, struggles, successes and more!


The programme will open on June 10th.

You will leave the programme with:

  • A DECISION: You'll know if launching a successful social enterprise is the right thing for you now (or not!). If you do, which one. 

  • PERSONAL GROWTH: More self awareness, self-confidence and clearer professional next steps!

  • INSPIRATION: A shot of inspiration from all the initiatives presented and a clear picture of what social entrepreneurship & replication entails.

What our participants say

"I was amazed by the quality of the programme"

Sarah (Ireland)

I was amazed by the quality of the programme: the content of the online course is so valuable and you can’t find the information provided anywhere else! Before starting the programme, I felt the urge to start something of my own but didn’t know where and how to start… Now, my next steps are much clearer!


Emily (Austria)

This programme was mind-opening. It changed my whole way of thinking. If you are at a life/career intersection and you consider starting a meaningful business, this well-built programme will spark some ideas to get started!

"Authentic & reality-driven content"

Xavier (Spain)

So far, it is the only programme I know of which provides such authentic and reality-driven content. Not only did I get to learn from real social entrepreneurs’ experiences, but I also digged in my inner self through powerful introspection exercises!

"You learn a lot about yourself"

Kevin (France)

The energy of Laure and Yoon-Joo and the quality of the programme will make you learn a lot about yourself and your aspirations but also about why, when and how to replicate a concept of social business.

The tools and the confidence to kickstart my journey

Diana (Romania)

We don’t invest enough in this kind of education that is meant to empower us. I already had in mind “copying a project I like” before enrolling in the program but I never managed to do it. This programme gave me the tools and the confidence to kickstart my journey!

"I highly recommend it!"

Megane (France)

I’ve always wondered whether I should become a social entrepreneur or not, and I found my answer with this programme! It guided me and gave me unique insights of the different entrepreneurial paths I should consider. I highly recommend it!

"I feel empowered"

Laura (Spain)

Yoon-Joo and Laure are just amazing at explaining complex concepts, telling real entrepreneurial experiences, giving advice and helping you know yourself better. I feel empowered, more self-aware and ready for my entrepreneurial adventure! We should all learn how to replicate social businesses, it is a key enabler to generate a systemic positive impact!”

"Concrete and action-driven"

Noëmie (France)

This programme is very concrete, action-driven and it helps you start replicating a project you like right away! I felt really supported and it helped me identify my impact career path!

"Inspiration & knowledge!"

Deirdre (Ireland)

It is the perfect programme if you want some inspiration to get involved in the impact field and build knowledge on replication models!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How is the online course structured and how long is it?

    The online course contains +8 hours of videos that are chunked down into short videos of between 5 to 30 minutes. It is designed to be both easy to follow, very concrete and actionable. It generally takes 1 month to go through the programme. But if you need more time, no worries: the content is made available for 3 months so you can go at your own pace!

  • What are the coaching sessions about?

    The coaching sessions are structured as follows: FIRST coaching session (1h) to talk about your aspirations; SECOND coaching session (2h) to dig into your talents; THIRD coaching session (1h30) to dig into your fears and blockages; FOURTH meeting to debrief everything that happened and support you on your next steps. Laure will be your coach (co-founder of Snowball Effect and certified career coach by the International Coaching Federation). You will be able to book them at the beginning of the programme. If you'd like to book additional coaching sessions, this will be made possible with a supplement fee.

  • What if I can’t afford the price of the program?

    Our goal is to enable a maximum of people to replicate proven solutions, to solve our challenges at scale. If you fully align with our vision and would love to join our programme but you cannot afford it, feel free to write to us. We will thoroughly look at your detailed financial situation during a 1:1 interview to assess what’s possible.

  • I have more questions - How can I contact you?

    Feel free to contact us at or directly on LinkedIn (Laure Frech Brouard and Yoon-Joo Jee)